Podcast: Jet.com Founder, Marc Lore on ‘How To Find Your Big Opportunity’

Podcast: Jet.com Founder, Marc Lore on 'How To Find Your Big Opportunity'

Finding a big opportunity to become a multi-billionaire means going all-in or not doing anything about it at all. If you have forward as the only direction you can take, these are two only two choices you will have. Marc Lore talks about how to score the next big thing on this podcast from Impact Theory.

How to Find Opportunities in Life

Marc shares his opinions on how to manage a business better He stresses the importance of employing workers that work. In other words, self-sufficient workers with initiative and have a good sense of their roles and responsibilities. It’s a job after all, and the job entails fulfillment of duties.

To find these workers with these very specific traits, bizarre questions have to be asked during the interview process. Marc says that the best candidates are usually the ones who possess qualities relevant to how a business operates. Experience counts but is not the main criteria for hiring someone. Experience as an indicator of their qualities is a better addition to the rubric on hiring possible candidates.

Find out why Marc has a different opinion towards people who attribute much of their success to their experience in schools. He says that these people aren’t able to step outside of the box and take a risk when it comes to business-related decisions. He also shares his life during business school where he realized that nothing is impossible if the probabilities are above zero percent.

The idea that people are born good in something already versus people actually getting better because of learning is one of Marc’s favorite topics. Listen to this podcast and make a decision if talent beats skill or otherwise. In addition to the talent versus skill debate, he shares his beginnings as an entrepreneur. And how he stressed the importance of learning.

It got to the point Marc was able to convince investors to take a leap of faith in investing in his idea. This is a show of his skill in business and interpersonal relationships. We circle back to his opinion of the ideal employee, as he discusses further in the podcast how to encourage anyone to follow what they’re passionate about.



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