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How To Start a Tech Career in Los Angeles After COVID-19

The coronavirus lockdown is affecting most industries including the manufacturing field, hotel and travel companies, and so many others. It is a well-known fact that companies won’t go back to the ‘old normal’ after the coronavirus outbreak subsides. The trend for remote working is continuously increasing, and so is the delivery and logistics industry. This trend will inevitably cause some changes to the work field as we know it today, ...

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Beginner Guide: Why & How to Develop Problem-Solving Mindset for Challenging Workplace?

Whether you just want to improve your productivity, make your stance at a relationship better, or simply just want to resolve conflict, developing a problem-solving mindset is a critical factor. Many people often go wrong by overlooking this essential factor in every aspect of our lives. Sometimes, even with the best planning and preparation and making sure that everything turns out as expected, things do go wrong, and there is ...

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How To Handle Customer Complaints During The COVID-19 Pandemic

First and foremost, your customers are looking to the companies they rely on for guidance and clarity in uncertain times (ie. COVID-19 pandemic.) And, the best way to calm anxiety and nerves is to communicate periodically to keep them informed. Find out what the most common types of customer complaints and how you can resolve them. You can even prevent them from happening in the first place! Customer complaints are ...

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How to Hire ‘Great’ Employees For Your Startup

What makes a great company? Is it their products or services, how they impact the economy, their contribution to the environment, or the sociological advancements they provide? What is it that really makes people say: that is a great company? In short: People People are the business. They are the people answering the phone, creating the products, and building the software. The ones representing the tangible form of the business, ...

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Confirmation Bias And How It Affects Your Workplace

How many times have you had a conversation about a topic with a close friend and come away wondering how in the world they could believe what they do when they're obviously wrong?  It happens all the time and it creates enormous division - in politics, in our relationships and even in our workplace. Here's a perfect example - in our tribal politics, both parties have the same set of ...

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Why An Offsite Workday Boosts Employee Experience

Guest post by Shar Behzadian - Find her @sharzadian on Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter  In the last two years, I have tried out many office spaces. I am talking more than 50 spaces in some of the largest U.S. startup cities including San Francisco, Los Angeles, Austin, and New York City. All I ever wanted was to work from a gorgeous space that sparks creativity. Somewhere that enables easy conversations ...

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Startup Should Create a Culture of Collaboration, Not Silo

A company needs its employees to work together.  For the organization to function well, it must have multiple people with different expertise and skills working together towards a single goal. Basically, a company needs its people to collaborate. But moving fast, innovating, and excelling all at the same time is a hard thing to do. It’s even harder if you put people with varying beliefs, personalities and abilities together. So ...

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15 Best Stationery Stores to Stock Up on Everything From Art Supplies to Notebooks

Would you rather take notes in traditional stationery, like a journal or on your smartphone? For those who chose a journal over the smartphone, here are a few great online shops that will provide for your stationery needs. While smartphones can be handy for note-taking on the fly, plenty of us still prefer to use pen and paper for taking down notes and writing in our journals. It just feels ...

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6 Things Employers Need to Know About Mental Health at Work

Mental health in the workplace is a touchy subject even though it shouldn’t be. If you’re quite clueless about the basics, here are six things that you should know about it. How many years has it been since the World Health Organization declared that mental health problems are classified as serious illnesses? It has been a while, for sure, but it can’t be denied that the diseases under this category ...

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5 Best Ways to Motivate Your Employees in 2019

Every entrepreneur should know just how crucial motivation is in the success of their business. This inner drive can easily push your business to reach new heights as it’s the very key to productivity. While you might have all the reasons in the world to work hard for your business, your team members might not be in the same boat as you. Your employees can be motivated by lots of ...

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Uber Works Wants to Disrupt The On-demand Staffing Business

Uber doesn’t always have an easy time doing business. But instead of just relying on its rideshare platform, it's diversifying its services to provide a lot more earning opportunities for the company and for its drivers. One of these initiatives is the new Uber Works, which the company is testing right now. What’s Uber Works? This is an on-demand staffing business, much like the original Uber template is an on-demand ...

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How the Tech Industry Can Attract More Women Workers to Its Ranks

While women have been making great strides in various industries, it seems like the computer programming sector still remains a bastion of men. Of all the computer programming jobs, only 21% are held by women. Several factors have been cited for the small number of women among computer programmers. It has been found that among those who are earning bachelor’s degrees in computer science, only 17% are women. That’s a ...

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Workplace Hiring in the New Gig Economy

Nowadays, many workers are like stereotypical musicians looking for gigs. It’s true that the template of working fulltime for a company is still standard, but today people have so many other options. Because of the Internet and the use of special apps, people can do freelance work in a variety of ways. They can do these things to supplement their income or even just do these things on a full-time ...

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