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5 Simple Strategies to Get Traffic to Your Blog

One of the more obvious goals of having a website is to attract as many people as you can to visit it. After all, how can you promote your brand, products, and services if there’s nowhere, Ma to hear your message? Websites aren’t like the baseball diamond in Field of Dreams. Just because you build a website, it doesn’t mean that the visitors will come. For entrepreneurs and marketers who ...

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Luxury Presence Raised $5.4 Million in Funding

Where the money goes, tech support services follow. This is especially true in LA, where the real estate market is undeniably huge. Traditionally, this niche wasn’t all that enthusiastic about embracing new technology. But more and more industry players have realized the need for high tech to improve marketing and services, and to boost revenues. This is where Luxury Presence comes in. This startup offers real estate agents a wide ...

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Google’s Mobile-First Index: 5 Steps You Can Do to Prepare Your Website

Though we aren't exactly sure when Google will roll out the mobile first index, we have an indication that it is happening soon. As such, everyone in our space needs to prepare by ensuring their website is responsive before the rollout. There are indications from Google that you should make sure your website is mobile responsive since it helps to make sure your mobile pages are equivalent to your desktop ...

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