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TikTok Expands Presence in Los Angeles, Hiring 80

Video-sharing social networking service TikTok is expanding, and this famous company relocated to Culver City, California. Their new office is a five-story, 120,000 square-foot building situated between the tech and media scene of Los Angeles. The exodus began this week, with employees moving into the new office with much gusto. Their reaction is understandable since this space has an open floor plan. It has lots of amenities such as conference rooms, ...

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How to Hire ‘Great’ Employees For Your Startup

What makes a great company? Is it their products or services, how they impact the economy, their contribution to the environment, or the sociological advancements they provide? What is it that really makes people say: that is a great company? In short: People People are the business. They are the people answering the phone, creating the products, and building the software. The ones representing the tangible form of the business, ...

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8 Top Skills Every Social Media Manager Must Have

What exactly should you be looking for in a social media manager? This is a question that you should ask yourself when you’re looking for an effective and efficient social media manager for your business. Indeed, your choice will have a significant impact on your business success since whoever you choose will take charge of the development, implementation, and evaluation of your business’ marketing strategies for social media sites. Suffice ...

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How To Determine If You’re Working With A Reputable Recruiter

Over the last decade, recruiters have received a bad rep. That fact has made the process of finding a good recruiter increasingly difficult. Much of that is due to bad operators who hire inexperienced talent and then throw them into the fire without proper training in not only the processes and relationships but also the ethics and morality.  There’s a lot at stake when a job candidate works with a ...

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Salary Negotiation: 5 Reasonable Salary Asks

Bringing up the topic of salary during the hiring process. Awkward. Nerve-wracking. Necessary.  The worst feeling? You start negotiating with yourself before you even bring up the conversation of your compensation. The good news - you’re not alone. This topic is generally the most “outlawed” when it comes to employment.  Let’s first take a step back to assess the situation. It’s common for most candidates to want to disclose as ...

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9 Best Recruiting Software Every Recruiter Needs

We continue to hear how recruiting is a challenge and independent research has proven it. In this research report that was published last year by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), nearly 70% of hiring professionals (recruiters, hiring managers) are experiencing difficulty recruiting candidates. The competition for talent is high, making it difficult to win top-tier talent. Job openings are at a 17 year high and the unemployment rate ...

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How to Build a Better Tech Talent Pipeline

In the tech industry, your brand is only as good as the talented people you have. That’s why you need to make sure you have a strong tech talent pipeline. If you’re in the tech startup world, then you’re certainly quite aware that competition is growing fierce these days. It’s like there’s a new company cropping up each day. This increasingly crowded space simply emphasizes how you need to have ...

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4 Secrets to Retaining Your Tech Talent

The supply of tech talent is dwindling, so how can you entice your current tech workers to stay? We have some tips to help you convince your workers to remain. Many smaller tech companies these days feel like they’re the Kansas City Royals when they have great shortstops and pitchers. Once the Yankees and the Red Sox come calling, these small market teams have to no choice but to say ...

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Dave.com is an AI tech startup based in LA, a mobile-based app launched to save you from expensive bank overdraft fees. Dave.com predicts your future expenses and unlocks your upcoming paycheck to prevent Overdrafts. Backed by a great group of investors: Mark Cuban, SV Angel, Skip Paul, Jonathan Kraft, amongst others. They are looking to hire 8 more talented folks in LA.  Congrats to my buddy Paras Chitrakar on the ...

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How the Stock Market Affects the Job Market

The recent stock market plummet has sent many people into wondering if the job market will follow suit, affecting their careers and livelihoods. The good news is, even though the health of the stock market does have an impact on the job market, it’s often not a one-to-one correlation. The Stock Market As an Indicator of Shareholder Confidence The stock market reflects not only the strength of the economy at ...

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