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How to Hire ‘Great’ Employees For Your Startup

What makes a great company? Is it their products or services, how they impact the economy, their contribution to the environment, or the sociological advancements they provide? What is it that really makes people say: that is a great company? In short: People People are the business. They are the people answering the phone, creating the products, and building the software. The ones representing the tangible form of the business, ...

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9 Best Recruiting Software Every Top Recruiter Uses

We continue to hear how recruiting is a challenge and independent research has proven it. In this research report that was published last year by the Society for Human Resource Management (SHRM), nearly 70% of hiring professionals (recruiters, hiring managers) are experiencing difficulty recruiting candidates. The competition for talent is high, making it difficult to win top-tier talent. Job openings are at a 17 year high and the unemployment rate ...

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How I Got a Programming Job in Los Angeles Bustling Tech Hub

Searching for a job as a software engineer is really painful. There’s a new tech company popping up every minute of the day, and it’s tough to know which one to choose from. Obviously, I should be grateful for all the opportunities I’m afforded as a software engineer, and I do, but man is this an annoying problem. The Problem The software industry is getting a continuous flow of money ...

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15 Best Tech Recruiters in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the third largest startup hub in the world, behind Silicon Valley and New York. And it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Now home to SnapChat (a.k.a. Snap), Ring, Dollar Shave Club, The Honest Company, ZipRecruiter, GOAT, ServiceTitan, Honey, Bird, and The Boring Company, Los Angeles has become a home to the most exciting companies in the world. All these amazing companies have one thing in common: talent, ...

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Top 10 Recruiting Firms in Los Angeles

Think about the last time you were looking for a job. It was probably stressful and you spent countless hours scouring through pages and pages for job listings, only to find it either filled or you do not qualify for it. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process smoother: a recruiter! And, the best way to find the right recruiter for your needs is either through referral or networking. ...

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Hire the Best Talent with Workpop’s Automated Sourcing Technology

It’s fair to say that the talent market is extremely competitive. There are just too many companies trying to compete against one another to net themselves the best talents while hiring from a limited number of candidates. If you’re really determined to get yourself the best among these potential hires, you have to try Workpop. Workpop has distinguished itself by offering what is recognized as perhaps the most advanced Applicant ...

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