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Coronavirus Concerns Canceled Overwatch League Games in South Korea

Blizzard’s recent decision of canceling Overwatch League games in Asia is due to the growing coronavirus outbreak concerns. The company already canceled some matches in South Korea between February 29 and March 22. The company said that it’s to preserve the health and safety of everyone—players, staff, and fans. The matches canceled include the ones moved to Korea due to the canceled games in China. Worse, it also included the ...

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Disney Sells FoxNext Games to Mobile-Games Developer Scopely

Disney’s recent announcement states that they sold FoxNext Games, Los Angeles, to Scopely, a company specializing in interactive entertainment and mobile games. This game studio made “MARVEL Strike Force” as well as some other titles. They also sold Cold Iron Studios in San Jose to the same company. Disney acquired these studios back in 2019 from 21st Century Fox due to their $71.3 billion deal. But they aren’t discarding the entire ...

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14 Quick and Easy Icebreaker Games For Your Holiday Gatherings

Meetings and gatherings can be initially filled with awkwardness, perhaps even tension, between their participants for one reason or another. These can also be characterized by boredom here and there because, well, listening to seemingly interminable discussions can do that to anybody. Fortunately, both tension and boredom during gatherings can be resolved by a quick icebreaker game, usually at the start and in the middle of these events. Icebreaker games ...

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