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Colgate to Launch CBD Toothpaste and Mouthwash Products

Oral hygiene titan Colgate Palmolive joins the group of major U.S.-based companies entering the hemp and CBD industry. One of its brands they recently acquired, Hello Products, will launch a line of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and lip balms that contain cannabidiol (CBD).  Hello Products, a New Jersey-based oral care brand, launched its CBD line last month, with seven products to its name. On the other hand, Colgate announced last January that they’re ...

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The Newbie’s Guide to Starting a CBD Business

CBD in its many forms has become more popular all over the US, and it is legal in many states. One form of (the CBD oil derived from hemp) is absolutely legal in every state. All these mean that there’s a demand for the product for which you can build a company, and there aren’t really any legal impediments to success. The potentials for-profits are staggering, as by 2024 some ...

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5 Proven Strategies for Scaling Your Cannabis Startup

If you have been reading the news, then you probably know that the cannabis industry is growing at a faster rate. Its current market size is estimated to be around $11.3 billion, and the industry is expected to grow 14.5% within the next five years. If you run a cannabis business, you need to know several important things to make your business successful. 1. Improve Efficiency Growth is a process, ...

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7 Major Industries Disrupted by Cannabis and CBD

The sudden emergence of cannabis and CBD has sent shock waves throughout the rest of the business world. Here are the most affected industries. It’s fair to say that the recent legalization for cannabis and introduction of CBD products has made a large impact on society at large. Many families do not enjoy alternative medications for healthy loved ones, and often these alternatives are far more effective. Hemp has also ...

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