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8 Tips And Tricks To Productively Collaborate With Your Remote Teams

In this day and age, the term “remote work” no longer sounds as unfamiliar as it was just a few years ago. In only 12 years, the number of people who are working remotely increased by a whopping 159%. The reason for such a steep increase is that 90% of the employees, when asked, say that being given a chance to work remotely definitely increased their morale. In the United ...

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Top 5 Companies Revitalizing Work From Home

It is undeniable that this day and age, technology has become an integral part of any business. So much so that companies are adapting to new avenues of the workforce - the online community. Many companies are opting out of traditional office setups and redirecting their processes into online teams. They have the same structure, rules, obligations but situated outside of an on-site component. This has become a breakthrough in ...

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5 Best Personal Assistant Apps For Remote Workers

It’s always nice to have a personal assistant that can deal with all the small details that drain your day. The sad news is that hiring someone isn’t as realistic as most people think. The good news is that, if you’re one of the 81% of Americans who own a smartphone, there are lots of decent apps out there that can act as substitutes. As the coronavirus spreads across other ...

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The Golden Age of Remote-Only Requests

Our approach to talent in the 21st century is more complex than ever before. Surprised? You shouldn’t be. As talent identification, access to talent, and retention become more important for corporations and startups, we’ve seen the simultaneous emergence of another workforce - the remote-only economy, or “gig” economy.  This economy is powerful. So much so that it’s shifting and transforming professional culture as we know it. Working remotely allows team ...

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9 Simple Productivity Hacks for New Digital Nomads

Admittedly, there are lots of benefits to being a digital nomad. You get to avoid the commute and the traffic, and you can wear whatever you want at your desk. Your schedule’s a bit more flexible too. But the downside is that the home can be a bit of distraction. Kids and neighbors may demand your attention, and you’re constantly reminded of household chores. Separating your work life and your ...

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8 Ways Your Company Can Save Money By Hiring Remote Worker

Whether you’re a veteran or simply a new business owner, one thing is certain - overhead costs are a big pain in the @&&. So it’s a good thing that modern technology has helped today’s businesses cut down on costs. You save a lot of money by not paying for office space, construction costs, electricity bill, rental fee, food expenses, and other expenses. You can simply hire your employees and ...

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7 Tips for Effective Team Goal-Setting

Whether you’re a small business owner or a team manager, you will need proper leadership skills in order to succeed in your role. By definition, as team leader you don’t work alone, so need to build and then nurture a team that can work effectively together. You have to take the proper time to establish goals that everyone in the team understands and buys in. You then have to guide ...

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How Collaboration Leads to Innovative Ideas

In the cutthroat world of business and commerce, the worst thing you can do is to stagnate. You simply can’t keep doing the same things while your industry and your customers change and evolve. You have to change along as well. The problem with most organizations is that the same old ways are comfortable, and changes can be jarring. What’s more, it’s not always easy to come up with fresh ...

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Three Ways to Build Trust in Remote Teams

With the power of the internet, distance is not a big concern for business activities and production with the appearance of remote workstations and the emergence of the ability to work online at the comfort of your home and at your own pace. The internet is quite the handy tool and has led to the popularization of having remote teams in your business, wherein people are assigned tasks to do ...

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