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18 Healthy Snacks Your Office Will Love

It’s nice to cook and prepare your own healthy recipes and snacks but let’s face it, many of us have very busy schedules. This prevents us from cooking our own healthy food and so we are forced to buy unhealthy snacks.  Does this mean that busy people are doomed? Well, not really. That’s because a lot of healthy and delicious snacks can be purchased online. This means that you don’t ...

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WeWork Office Spaces in Los Angeles

If you live or work in Los Angeles, it's likely you have visited one of the 29 WeWork locations. You may have worked there, visited a friend who works there, collaborate with a freelancer or attended one of many events hosted there - WeWork is one of the most popular coworking spaces around town. WeWork's core business is renting out shared workspaces to clients that range from entrepreneurs, freelancers, startups, ...

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15 Best Online Stationery Stores to Stock Up on Everything From Art Supplies to Notebooks

Would you rather take notes in traditional stationery, like a journal or on your smartphone? For those who chose a journal over the smartphone, here are a few great online shops that will provide for your stationery needs. While smartphones can be handy for note-taking on the fly, plenty of us still prefer to use pen and paper for taking down notes and writing in our journals. It just feels ...

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100 Shared Office And Desk Space to Work in Los Angeles

Check out these 100 coworking spaces in LA. Co-working spaces have started to take off recently, and it’s all thanks to the need of business locations. A city like Los Angeles tends to have very high rent and purchase prices for real estate, and that means you need to find a great way to acquire new business locations. But if you’re a business or a freelancer that needs a business ...

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How to Recognize a Great Admin Assistant

Many companies bestow recognition and fame towards such corporate luminaries as the rock star CEO, the trendy designer, and the fantastic salesperson. Yet many people in the know are very much aware that the company’s success depends greatly on the skills of an able administrative assistant. Admins are no longer the faceless drones who deal with tedious tasks such as setting the schedule, arranging travel, and keeping the books. Now ...

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