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How to Maximize Your Networking Opportunities at a Conference

When you’re working, you want to see an ROI in everything you do. That’s why conferences are sometimes ignored by some people. That’s because these conferences take precious time away from their work, and even from their family. It’s tiring to travel, and there are the costs of the transportation and the hotel to consider. Is it really worth going? But conferences are great opportunities to network, and you can ...

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How to Start a Conversation At a Social Event

Starting a conversation to get to know another person or breaking an awkward silence can be stressful.  Generally, introverts have difficulty conversing with other people. They are quiet and often have nothing to say. Even extroverts who enjoy socializing will eventually run out of things to say. And during these times, there is this strange awkward moment of silence. We are somehow pressured to say something. But the pressure creates ...

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10 Things Not to Do at Networking Events

Networking is far more than just giving random people a sales pitch of your ideas. It is an art form in itself – a juggling game between being assertive and listening, between sharing without revealing, between being patient and yet accomplishing. Whatever you put into networking is what you will get out of it. So how do we know what not to do at networking events? It can be surprisingly ...

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5 LinkedIn Changes You Need to Make Today

In job-searching, making connections with business acquaintances, and following the steps industry leaders take to grow their brands, I’ve found myself spending more and more time on LinkedIn. Users on the site seem to fall into one of two clear categories: professionals who have created accounts on LinkedIn and professionals who actually use the accounts they have created - and you don’t want to be the former. Here are 5 ...

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