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Daqri Lost a $300M Bet on AR

Daqri an LA-based startup that rode the hype of augmented reality (AR) is gone. About $300 million in funding, they made a series of half-baked products before they failed marvelously. With everything going wrong, this company shut down last year. Snap made a recent acquisition of one of the last remnants of Daqri. They confirmed that they took some of the assets of the late company, as well as around two-dozen ...

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How Virtual Reality Can Boost Your Business

It seems like only a few years ago when the idea of actual virtual reality was the stuff of science fiction movies. Of course, there were some niche products here and there, but VR tech was generally considered high tech and prohibitively expensive. But nowadays, virtual reality and augmented reality are much more viable, and the growth of this VR/AR market has been phenomenal. Expert projections for 2019 have the ...

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Vertebrae Creates Augmented Reality Ads that Grab the Attention of Customers

Virtual reality isn’t a sci-fi concept anymore. In case you’ve missed the memo, it’s already here, and it’s not theoretical. Virtual reality is so real that Vertebrae is offering an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality advertising platform. If you want to stand out from your competitors, this is surely one way to go. The featured ad formats with AR and VR span a wide range of possibilities.  With augmented reality ...

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