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Los Angeles Times Set to Move By Silicon Beach 01

After 83 years of being located in Downtown Los Angeles, the Los Angeles Times Newspaper is set to move to El Segundo, the border of Silicon Beach. The new campus will be located at 2300 E. Imperial Highway in El Segundo, across the street from ATT DIRECTV building and conveniently next to the 105 FWY. (source) The news of the impending change was released by Dr. Patrick Soon-Shiong, the new owner of ...

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Organize And Accelerate Sales Activities With Velocify

This company offers programs that have been hailed as among the best sales software programs in 2017, and the company’s popularity is increasing. They focus on providing sales automation software grow even faster, and this sales acceleration capability is terrific. These Velocify products were created to solve specific problems. They’re all cloud-based platforms and they can truly streamline the sales process. This can free your sales teams to do what ...

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Keep Your Connected Home & Business Safe From Cyber Threats With The CUJO AI Internet Security Firewall

Criminal hackers represent a real threat to everyone. They don’t just hassle big businesses. They’re a threat to small business too, and even to just regular homeowners. Any computer that’s connected to the Internet is at risk, and often the usual Internet security programs aren’t enough. You may need Cujo instead. Cujo has grown bigger than ever and now the Cujo AI protects 25 million households. The hacker threat is ...

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Chef’d Will Bring You Fresh Ingredients And World Famous Recipes Right To Your Doorstep

Not everyone is great in the kitchen. You probably know that when you don’t always produce the best-tasting dinner that you made from some recipe you found online. Maybe you didn’t find the best ingredients. Or perhaps you made a mistake in using the wrong amount of ingredients. Whatever the problem was, you just know that the end result wasn’t all that good. Chef’d solve that problem. You can just ...

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