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17 Creative Ways To Cheer Someone Up

Life can get pretty rough sometimes, especially during the COVID-19 pandemic where people you know are getting laid off or have gotten the illness. There is nothing worse than seeing a friend or a loved one in pain.  If you have a friend who’s feeling down, the natural reaction is to try to cheer them up. But how exactly should you do that? Maybe you can tell a joke, but ...

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An Inside Look at American Coffee Culture

Coffee has long been popular all over the world, and that’s especially true in the US. Today, the US interest in coffee is even greater, but now the modern world of coffee has become much more complicated. Today questions abound as to where the coffee comes from, whether the beans should be roasted light or dark, and the types of equipment needed to produce the perfect cup of coffee. But ...

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The Ultimate Guide to LA Coffee Shops with Free Wi-Fi

So you’re in LA and you’re working outdoors with your laptop. What you need to do is to find a nice coffee shop with terrific cups of java while you’re allowed to access the Internet free of charge from your laptop or smartphone. Luckily for you, they’re not actually hard to find. Here are some places you should definitely check out: Green Door Powered by Intelligentsia Location: 714 E Carson ...

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YES PLZ, Great Coffee For Just $1 a Cup

Tony “Tonx” Konecny is a Los Angeles based coffee professional making coffee since early 2000. In 2011, frustrated with how the top roasting companies focused more on their baristas and selling beverages than in giving honest footholds for would-be coffee connoisseurs, he started Tonx Coffee. It pioneered a direct to consumer subscription service, sourcing great coffees from around the world and empowering coffee lovers to brew stuff at home that ...

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Ready-To-Eat Coffee Bars That Are Caffeinated And Flavored With Real Coffee, Yum!

What is better than drinking coffee? Well, what if you could have it as a snack? That’s what Pocket Latte is all about. Available in cream + sugar and dark roast flavors, these are coffee bars ready to eat, and they’re organic too. If you’ve been looking for a different type of coffee, this is it. These bars may resemble chocolate but they’re prepared with real coffee flavors for that ...

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