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Colgate to Launch CBD Toothpaste and Mouthwash Products

Oral hygiene titan Colgate Palmolive joins the group of major U.S.-based companies entering the hemp and CBD industry. One of its brands they recently acquired, Hello Products, will launch a line of toothpaste, mouthwashes, and lip balms that contain cannabidiol (CBD).  Hello Products, a New Jersey-based oral care brand, launched its CBD line last month, with seven products to its name. On the other hand, Colgate announced last January that they’re ...

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Fundamental Facts about Cannabis

A lot of misconceptions and myths persist about cannabis. Nowadays when most states allow for some type of cannabis use, it’s time for you to know at least the basics. Exactly how much do you know about cannabis? It’s unfortunate that scientific studies have largely hindered the research on plants such as marijuana and hemp, due to the decades-long prohibition regarding their use. It’s also rather disconcerting how much fake ...

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