Write For Us

Interested in writing for us?  Cool, we would love to have you.

First thing first, below are a few requirements we need to ensure the article is of high quality and authentic.


It’s important for us to maintain the quality of the content on LAStartups.com. Guest posts are no different.

Here’s what we look for in our posts:

  • Practical, well-researched articles on popular culture around startup
    • A cool t-shirt print shop in LA
    • A simple how-to-use a cool new app
    • What office chair and table to get
    • Where to grab a great lunch in LA
    • Learn a new trick on growth hacking
    • How to program better-using node.js
    • A listicle is fine too
    • Etc.
  • Must be completely original content

Content Format

  • Casual Tone, easy reading
  • Minimum of 1,500 words per post. Kudos for 3,000+ words.
  • All claims must be backed up with a link to research or a case study confirming it.
  • Headlines must be interesting to potential readers.
  • Focus on staying at 4-5 sentences per paragraph

Can you commit to doing the above? If yes, please email us at hello -at- lastartups.com …