Tasty Frozen Dessert Pies from JC

Delicious Frozen Dessert Pies from JC

Delicious Frozen Dessert Pies from JC

“JC” is the universal nickname of Jennifer Constantine, and she has quickly carved a great reputation as an entertaining home chef. Her range of offered snacks and desserts include the Nudies and the Scoops, but JC’s Pie Pops are truly outstanding.

The strange thing about the Pie Pops is that their existence was due to a fortunate accident. JC’s refrigerator went bonkers for some reason, and a batch of here famed homemade panna cotta accidentally froze. It didn’t take long for JC to realize that it wasn’t an unfortunate accident, because the resulting frozen treats were fantastic.

Now people can enjoy these new desserts in several yummy flavors. They’re free of GMOs and artificial hormones, and as they’re on a stick you can eat them on the go.

Each Pie Pop flavor is unique in its own way, and the taste is quite strong. These aren’t some half-flavored treats made on a limited budget. They’re stunning in taste and texture, and they’re not just fun deserts. They’re tasty treats even for on-the-go adventures.

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