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Yummy Plant Based Vegan Ice Cream in Silicon Beach

Ice cream is on nearly everyone’s list of favorite desserts, but the question has always been, is it good for you? Husband-and-wife team Michael and Victoria Philippou decided to take a different and healthier approach to making and eating ice cream, and the result is this healthy, delicious alternative plant-based treat. Their frozen fruit treats are also vegan-gluten free, have no preservatives or additives and free from artificial flavors. Frozen ...

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Top 6 Best Quiet Coffee Shops For Work And Meeting in Los Angeles

These days, business men and women are utilizing coffee shops for work more and more. Whether you're working remotely or looking for a fresh place to meet a client, here are 6 coffee shops for work and meetings if you're working in the LA area. Verve Coffee Roasters - West Hollywood https://www.instagram.com/p/BkkzGAbAsrZ/ “Verve: the spirit and enthusiasm surrounding the creation of art,” goes to show their mission of not only ...

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Delicious Frozen Dessert Pies from JC

“JC” is the universal nickname of Jennifer Constantine, and she has quickly carved a great reputation as an entertaining home chef. Her range of offered snacks and desserts include the Nudies and the Scoops, but JC’s Pie Pops are truly outstanding. The strange thing about the Pie Pops is that their existence was due to a fortunate accident. JC’s refrigerator went bonkers for some reason, and a batch of here ...

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Delicious Ice Cream For Just 280-360 Calories From Halo Top Creamery

It’s hard to keep your weight these days, and often you’re asked to sacrifice too much. How can you lose the extra pounds when you find it almost impossible to lay off the scrumptious ice cream that’s waiting for you in the freezer? But now there’s Halo Top Creamery, and you can finally enjoy healthy ice cream. This isn’t the first healthy ice cream that’s made similar claims. However, these ...

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