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4 Ways to Stop Overthinking And Start Doing

It’s fun to wonder about how much the slogan “Just do it” had to do with the enduring success of the Nike brand. The slogan is actually 30 years old—it was first launched in 1988—and the current generation of kids is as familiar with it as their parents and grandparents. You may want to think about just doing it too, especially if you’re prone to overthinking. Overthinking is a destructive ...

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Why is Decision-Making So Hard

Making tough decisions isn't an enjoyable experience. Life circumstances often put us at a crossroad and most of us weigh the pros and cons of each road while others listen to their instinct. Everyone has their own way of deciding things. To cut it short, life is filled with decisions and choices; it’s an important aspect of our careers, our relationships, and in our overall happiness. Today, we're taking a ...

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15 Habits to Boost Your Productivity When Working Remote

Who doesn’t want to improve their productivity? After all, you get more things done in less time. That gives you more time for more fun and for rest. However, boosting your productivity isn’t about easy one-time fixes. It’s about developing the right habits that you continue to do day in and day out. When these habits become instinctive, the increase in productivity is sure to follow. Here are the 15 ...

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5 Habit Hacks to End Every Day Feeling Successful

Nothing beats a day where you come out of work feeling like you did a lot of things. However, we can’t deny that there have been times when we don’t feel as productive, leaving us feeling disappointed and perhaps even in a bad mood. Wouldn’t it be great to end the day feeling happy and content with what you’ve achieved in the last 8-10 hours? Here is a list of ...

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