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13 Best Restaurants To Eat On a Startup Budget in LA

With all the Hollywood glamor in LA, it’s not surprising that there are plenty of great restaurants in the city for the movers and shakers. But what about for the rest of us, who don’t have the millions per episode or movie? Or, the million dollars in funding from a VC? The truth is that LA does have great restaurants who don’t charge outlandish prices. You only need to find ...

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Little Sister, a Funky Vietnamese Bistro, Serving Euro-Accented Asian Eats And Craft Beers

Manhattan Beach’s Little Sister location has been quite a hit that when it was announced to open in Downtown LA, fans rejoiced. When it actually opened and served breakfast, it gained even more popularity. As it primarily offers comfort food, it really makes a case for starting your day with comforting dishes that will set your day back on track if it didn’t get off on the right foot. Fans ...

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FatDragon Breathes New Life into Old Classics Chinese Dishes

With Chinese restaurants available just about everywhere in LA, a new place needs something unique to stand out. Sure, lots of people love Chinese food, but most of them already have a favorite takeout place near their place, so you really need to be different to compete. And different is actually what Fat Dragon is. Aside from its fast-casual setup, it’s also more than just a Chinese eatery as it’s ...

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