Scale Your Wholesale eCommerce‎ With NuOrder

Scale Your Wholesale eCommerce‎ With NuOrder

Everyone knows that the retail industry’s approach to customers has been thoroughly modernized in recent years. Brands and tech entrepreneurs have already explored many ways to improve the user experience that online shopping is becoming the preferred purchasing method by most customers nowadays.

However, the same thing can’t be said for how these brands conduct their sourcing and when conducting business with other suppliers. So much so that some folks consider the methods used today to be rather antiquated.

To shake things up and improve the current state of B2B dealings, NuOrder was born. This company offers a unique service that is meant to address the challenges and difficulties that brands, buyers, and retailers face.

But what is NuOrder, really, you might ask? In the simplest of terms, it’s a B2B e-commerce platform for trading between brands, buyers, and retailers. They help the suppliers or brands to get in touch with their market: the wholesale buyers and retailers. With their help, the process of sourcing products is taken to the digital world, allowing greater convenience for everyone involved.

NuOrder works by creating a marketplace where brands can have their digital catalogs readily available for buyers and retailers to access. It eliminates the tedious transactions of the old times that make the trading and sourcing process slow and bothersome.

This service also provides brands the tools they need to keep track of their orders. They can get reports for their sales, get product analytics to determine which items are doing well, and production forecasts to help them stay on top of their fulfillment duties.

Retailers and buyers, on the other hand, can use it as a handy search tool. It makes catalogs available in an organized manner so those who are interested in checking out what’s available can do so without breaking a sweat.

NuOrder is free to use for retailers while brands are charged an annual fee based on their business’ volume.

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