Hooray! VidCon is Back From Virtual, Dates Released for Anaheim Convention Center

IRL on October 22 - 24, 2021

Hooray! VidCon is Back From Virtual, Dates Released for Anaheim Convention Center

2 years ago, VidCon celebrated its ten-year anniversary. It has allowed fans, creators, and audiences to discuss ideas. It also acted as a venue to expand their networks. 

VidCon is a fount of information to those who are looking to level up their content creation skills. The conference’s biggest participants are Youtube vloggers and content creators. One can safely assume that most attendees are fans of a Youtube content creator.  

VidCon 2021 Anaheim Convention Center

The biggest video and film creators to attend this year’s VidCon IRL on October 22 – 24, 2021 will include:

At VidCon, beginners will get the ins and outs of video editing and all things related to filmmaking. Content creators share their ideas on how to grow Youtube views and subscribers. This may include discussions on maintaining a fan base.

VidCon is also a place to promote video material or even other products. Most Youtube content creators will discuss this with other hosts. In a way, VidCon acts as a “video expo”.

The general age range of VidCon participants is young adults. They comprise the majority of the fanbase of video content creators. These participants can buy Community track tickets for $90. Kids 8 years and younger do not have to purchase tickets to participate in events. However, kids 9 years and above will need a parent or guardian. 

Chaperone tickets are options for parents or guardians. The Community track ticket allows participation in a Meet-and-Greet lottery. It costs 10 dollars more than the Chaperon ticket. 

Aspiring video editors and filmmakers can buy the 3-day creator track for $130.00. In addition to the Meet-and-Greet lottery, they can also have a chance to speak to a fellow creator or a popular one.

Due to the pandemic, VidCon canceled the event last year. The event will be back in the third week of October in the Anaheim Convention Center. VidCon is taking the necessary steps to make sure all participants are safe. VidCon states participants refusing to abide by the policies will have to leave. There’s also no promise of a ticket refund.

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