Flowspace Provides On-Demand Warehousing & Fulfillment For Businesses of All Sizes

The fastest and easiest way to store, manage and fulfill your inventory from over 1000 warehouses and fulfillment centers.

Flowspace Provides On-Demand Warehousing & Fulfillment For Businesses of All Sizes

When a business booms, it would be unwise to let certain limitations hinder your growth. Warehousing concerns are often the biggest hurdles for some as they just don’t have enough space to keep their physical goods. So what should a business do? Look for a dynamic warehousing service to solve their woes.

FlowSpace is exactly what many businesses need if they ever found themselves with too many physical goods to fit their existing facilities. Dubbed as the AWS for warehouses, they provide on-demand warehousing for businesses. They solve a common problem for businesses that see a surge of supplies and inventory from time to time but aren’t ready to sign a lease for a much bigger warehouse or commit to additional warehouse space.

The gist of FlowSpace’s services is that they do the grunt work when a company suddenly needs additional warehousing space. They will save businesses from having to search and negotiate leases in a rush and on their own. With the number of warehouses in FlowSpace’s network, they will be able to immediately provide you with what you need without having to break a sweat. They can also save you from having to commit to a lengthy lease.

The best part about FlowSpace is that they also provide the necessary manpower in the transportation and inventory service you’ll need when transferring your goods to their warehouse. This is the very thing that sets them apart from storage units as they can save you from the additional costs of having your employees handle transportation and monitoring. And if you’re worried about the inventory, you don’t have to as they have their own inventory-software that can provide real-time visibility. These make FlowSpace not just convenient but also reliable as well.

In addition to their transportation and warehousing services, they also offer fulfillment and kitting services. So if you don’t want to outsource the area that requires warehousing and order fulfillment tasks for your business, this company can be of great help to you.

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