Create Your 72-Hour Emergency Home Kit While Decluttering

Create Your 72-Hour Emergency Home Kit While Decluttering

Emergencies are by definition a set of unforeseen circumstances, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t prepare for a home emergency now while you have some free time to think things over. That’s especially true for home emergencies, as there’s risk to your family and property and so you need to be ready. A 72-hour emergency kit is a good precaution, as this kit can get your family going for up to 3 days even without power or any help from others.

The good news is that it won’t have to cost you all that much to gather the supplies you need for your kit. You can get these supplies from the knickknacks you gather during one of your decluttering projects. So be mindful of any items that can go to your kit instead of your trash can when you’re preparing for a garage sale or doing your spring cleaning.

Items You’re Likely to Find While Decluttering

When you’re going through every nook and cranny of your home and garage to get rid of stuff you don’t need, be on the lookout for the following items.

Just find an empty plastic bin or a duffle bag that no one has used for some time, and fill them up with these items. If you don’t find the item while you’re decluttering, include them on the list of things you have to buy.

Things You May Have to Buy

These are the other items that you’re less likely to find during spring cleaning, so you will have to buy them instead.

Once you’ve completed your emergency kit, store it where it’s both safe and easily accessible. With this, you have a better chance of going through an emergency safely and comfortably.

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