8 Local SEO Tips to Grow Your Restaurant

Do you have a local business restaurant that you want to market online? Using a variety of marketing tactics and local SEO strategy, you can help draw in more customers without spending much money. The following tips can help any restaurant (or small business) get the word out about their grand opening, their daily specials, or recent dining area renovations. These tips can also ensure that restaurant owners always connect...

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Three Business Lessons Learned in 24 Hours

Like a lot of entrepreneurs or small business owners, I started my company as a side hustle. It didn’t have a name. It didn’t have a website. Companies paid me personally versus paying any LLC. It didn’t have anything really official; I didn’t even really talk about. Days looked like this: I’d wake up at, like, 4:45a, work from 5-7:30a, sometimes workout, shower, eat breakfast, go to the job-paying-the-bills from...

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10 Things Not to Do at Networking Events

Networking is far more than just giving random people a sales pitch of your ideas. It is an art form in itself – a juggling game between being assertive and listening, between sharing without revealing, between being patient and yet accomplishing. Whatever you put into networking is what you will get out of it. So how do we know what not to do at networking events? It can be surprisingly...

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Fearlessly Elevate Your Personal Brand Online

Pop quiz: If you could choose one emoji that represented you (like, if one emoji from you had to sign every email) which emoji would it be? Part two of that question: How closely does that emoji speak to your personal brand? Huh. We’ll come back to all that in less than six minutes. There’s a student in my Career Connections class who literally put the most exciting thing she...

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Why Some Work Friends Just Stick

The first time I met my friend, Ashley, we met twice in one day. The first time was when Ashley came into our new, Lululemon showroom; she was there to buy headbands, and express interest in working at the showroom. As I remember it now, she was finishing grad school in the Northeast and then going to Africa. Then, I met her again later that very, same day when we both...

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Best Ways to Advertise - For Free!

Every business needs to advertise, and just about every entrepreneur may have at one point bewailed the costs of advertising. It can be extremely frustrating when you realize that you could reach so many people if you had a much bigger budget to advertise your wares. Lucky for you, there are actually ways for you to get free advertising. Google My Business A lot of people go online to search...

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Top 5 Items that Job Seekers Need to Remove from Their LinkedIn Profile

Among recruiters, LinkedIn is undoubtedly their go-to search engine when looking for the ideal employees for their available positions. After all, here you have the LinkedIn profiles that offer a nice quick look on who the viable candidates are. On the flip side, if you’re the job seeker then you really must make sure that your LinkedIn profile is up to date. More than that, you have to design it...

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How to Recognize a Great Admin Assistant

Many companies bestow recognition and fame towards such corporate luminaries as the rock star CEO, the trendy designer, and the fantastic salesperson. Yet many people in the know are very much aware that the company’s success depends greatly on the skills of an able administrative assistant. Admins are no longer the faceless drones who deal with tedious tasks such as setting the schedule, arranging travel, and keeping the books. Now...

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Top 10 Recruiting Firms in Los Angeles

Think about the last time you were looking for a job. It was probably stressful and you spent countless hours scouring through pages and pages for job listings, only to find it either filled or you do not qualify for it. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process smoother: a recruiter! And, the best way to find the right recruiter for your needs is either through referral or networking....

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7 Tips to Prove Local SEO ROI for Your Business

Local SEO is how local businesses can reach their prospective customers. Like traditional SEO, it involves a series of calculated steps to improve ranking in the search engines. A number one ranking is where you will get the biggest return on your investment, but number 1 rankings cannot be guaranteed and will certainly not happen overnight. That's why I want to show you a few things you can look at...

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