Vertebrae Creates Augmented Reality Ads that Grab the Attention of Customers

Virtual reality isn’t a sci-fi concept anymore. In case you’ve missed the memo, it’s already here, and it’s not theoretical. Virtual reality is so real that Vertebrae is offering an Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality advertising platform. If you want to stand out from your competitors, this is surely one way to go. The featured ad formats with AR and VR span a wide range of possibilities.  With augmented reality...

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Live a Happier, Healthier Life with a Few Minutes of Daily Meditation on the Headspace App

When you hear it, the mission of Headspace seems absurdly optimistic. The meditation company has confidently (perhaps even arrogantly) made it their goal to boost the health and happiness of the entire world. Yet as Headspace has grown leaps and bounds, it doesn't appear as naïve as it first may have seemed. After all, Headspace is only a startup, yet it has managed to accumulate almost 20 million users from...

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Cylance is Revolutionizing Cybersecurity With AI Based Solutions

Cybersecurity is one of the most complicated problems that everyone has to face right now because we all use computers. Businesses need to protect their computers to secure their data and to keep their operations running smoothly, and even homeowners can afford to have their PCs hacked. Yet most cheap security solutions are woefully inadequate, as they don’t employ the necessary technology to keep up with the ever more advanced...

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PatientPop: A Tool For Creating an Online Presence for Doctors

Many doctors have dedicated themselves to their studies simply because they wanted to help treat people and keep them healthy. Unfortunately for those who start their own clinic, their studies haven’t quite prepared them properly. There’s too much of the business aspect of running a doctor’s clinic and the doctor may already be too busy dealing with the medical side. More specifically, doctors don't have time to focus on online...

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