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ModernAnimal Launches Next-Generation Veterinary Clinics

There may be tons of products available at the tips of our fingers for our pets nowadays, but veterinary services for them are not as accessible just yet. Vet care is seriously lagging, making it quite fussy for pet parents to better tend to their pets. And with the changing demands in the modern market, this just won’t do. Modern Animal Launches a Membership-based Vet Clinic, With 24/7 Virtual Care....

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WeeCare Launches Childcare Marketplace Connecting Families With Hand-Picked Educators & Caregivers

Many studies say that millennials aren’t having kids because they can’t afford childcare. Those who do, on the other hand, find it so difficult to find the right people to look after their little ones. It’s a major problem that shouldn’t be one in the first place which makes things a lot more frustrating. WeeCare hopes to change all that by creating a reliable childcare marketplace that both parents and...

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Sidecar Health Launches Affordable Health Insurance for Individuals

Many would agree that America’s health insurance trade is quite problematic. At the top of the list of its issues are very high costs and the fact that most coverages just simply doesn’t work for a large chunk of the population. This leaves so many people uninsured and struggling for care when they fall sick. In the US, 1 in 5 people went without needed medical care because they’re uninsured....

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BuildOps Enables Subcontractors to Run Their Entire Business on One Software Solution

Project management programs aren’t necessarily novel concepts as they’ve been offered in one form or another since businesses started to use computers for data management. They’ve always been designed to simplify complex office management tasks, saving employees’ efforts and time. Sadly, old versions of project management programs can get pricey and outdated. They’re considered as ‘investments’ by some since they’re so pricey. They will work for a while, but as...

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Drive an Electric Car Without The Hassle With The Help of Borrow

Back in the old days, you either buy a car or rent one for you to drive one. Today, however, more modes of acquiring a vehicle are available. Manufacturers and third-party companies now offer leasing and subscriptions, providing you more ways to get access to a car on a term that’s most suitable to you. Leasing is an already old concept as many manufacturers are already offering such services to...

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Step Inside Your Data With BadVR’s VR Data Visualization Platform

Despite being the age of fake news, data is the easiest to acquire today more than ever. Most things can be quantified and measured nowadays, making data and all sorts of numbers readily available. There are now ways to conduct surveys and polls quickly, and digital information can be accessed on many occasions to get all kinds of information. However, data can be hard to digest most times. It can...

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Test and Treat UTIs From Your Smartphone With Scanwell

When you really think of it, certain medical tests can be significantly simplified with the right technology. If people can learn right away whether they’re pregnant by just peeing on a stick, why can’t they find out if they have an infection by doing the same thing? Well, now you can do exactly that with Scanwell Health. This digital healthcare company offers at-home urinalysis testing so you can find out...

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MissGrass, Cannabis Content For The Chics Who Are Embracing The ‘High’ Life

With cannabis products now legal to buy and use for various applications in many states, it’s not surprising that the market has shifted and expanded. Back in the day, you’ll only really find stoner dude content, but with the legalization, the other demands of the said substance are coming out and making their voices heard. Miss Grass is an excellent representation of one of these emerging markets. Their female-focused platform...

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Flowspace Provides On-Demand Warehousing & Fulfillment For Businesses of All Sizes

When a business booms, it would be unwise to let certain limitations hinder your growth. Warehousing concerns are often the biggest hurdles for some as they just don’t have enough space to keep their physical goods. So what should a business do? Look for a dynamic warehousing service to solve their woes. FlowSpace is exactly what many businesses need if they ever found themselves with too many physical goods to...

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Learn How Panoramic Uses AI to Model Marketing Data into Meaningful Insights

Sure, some products can and will sell themselves but without marketing, how are you going to get the word out that the product exists in the first place? Every business needs it in various forms which is why marketers take on many roles in order to do their jobs effectively. With this, it can be said that marketers have a lot on their plate. They’re jacks of many trades as...

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Scale Your Wholesale eCommerce‎ With NuOrder

Everyone knows that the retail industry’s approach to customers has been thoroughly modernized in recent years. Brands and tech entrepreneurs have already explored many ways to improve the user experience that online shopping is becoming the preferred purchasing method by most customers nowadays. However, the same thing can’t be said for how these brands conduct their sourcing and when conducting business with other suppliers. So much so that some folks...

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From The Trenches: Interview with Shai Rambod, CEO at MyChon, a 23andMe for Cellular Health

For the better part of the last decade, through the rise of wearable devices, genetic testing, and data-driven technologies, individuals now have more information than ever about their own health, encouraging health education and literacy. This can translate to better decision-making and ultimately improved well-being. Health startups are at the forefront of developing innovative solutions for promoting measurable lifestyle actions that correlate how lifestyle, diet, and nutrition choices affect cellular...

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Art of Sport (AOS) Makes Body And Skincare Products Engineered For Athletes

It’s not uncommon for athletes and active folks to have a skin issue or two from time to time. Their physical activities combined with a lot of sweating and unsanitized equipment and environments, exposure to harmful bacteria and infections can be pretty common. This makes it important for people who do sports to pay close attention to their hygiene and skin care measures. While there are tons of great skincare...

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Learn How Retina Uses Artificial Intelligence to Turn Enterprise Data Into Insights

The right kind and amount of data can make or break a marketing campaign. It’s the lifeblood of the industry, making it essential for marketers to find the best ways to find and generate the info that can help them create a solid marketing plan. The problem is, they’re not always readily available and interpreting them can also be an undertaking. Designed to help businesses save hard-earned money from unproductive...

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OpenNode is The Easiest Way to Accept Bitcoin

Bitcoin is steadily establishing itself as a legitimate form of currency in recent years so it makes sense that a chunk of the population now wants an easier to use it. While bitcoin has great value, it doesn’t mean anything if those who have it cannot spend it on real-world things. So to address this issue, technologies for its use have to become available. OpenNode is one of the platforms...

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Pearl Launch New Wave of AI-Powered Dentistry Tools

If there’s one industry that has greatly benefitted from the advances in recent years’ technology, it would be healthcare. Automating various processes, from medical procedures to administrative tasks helped the trade more efficient, advanced, and capable of making breakthroughs that lead to improving people’s lives. However, there’s still so much room for progress, especially in the field of dental care and that’s what Pearl wishes to explore. The main idea...

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BlueFever, An Emotional Support Text Service For All Your Feels

Teenagers constantly struggle with the tricky situation they’re put in and that’s a fact. It can get overwhelming, confusing, exciting, maddening, and everything else in between. For most of them, an outlet is necessary to keep themselves centered and stay at peace amidst the chaos. Everyone, however, needs some kind of a support system to get through it all. BlueFever’s creators, Lauren Tracy and Greta McAnany made one in the...

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Aircam Let’s You Easily Share Photos at Events

Living in the moment nowadays also involves sharing photos in real-time. Doing so, however, can take people away from the party as some might be too engrossed in taking snapshots of an event instead of enjoying the celebration. Some will argue that this is the very reason why professional photographers are hired. But since they can’t really send you the photos they took right away so you might still want...

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Get Your Fingers Sticky With These Deliciously Saucy Korean Sauce From KPOP Foods

K-pop is a genre of popular music originating in South Korea. While the modern form of K-pop can be traced back to the early 90s, the term itself has been popularized since the 2000s, replacing the term Gayo, which also refers to domestic pop music in South Korea.  The trend of people living or working within 50 miles of where they grew up is changing faster and faster as the...

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RidersShare Launched Peer-To-Peer Motorcycle Rentals in Los Angeles

Motorcycle riding is a combination of exhilaration, fear, relaxation, and pleasure that changes you forever.  It’s physical & emotional pleasure, with a layer of anxiety & adrenaline.  The sense of freedom feels complete on two wheels, and riding doesn't transport you to a destination; it is the destination. Motorcyclists often feel like they belong to a big community, and that sensation gives them something in common; a shared bond that...

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