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Fernish Launches Premium Furniture Rentals For Every Taste

With today’s lifestyles and economy, it’s making less and less sense to buy stuff. It also helps that more and more businesses are offering rental services so you don’t really have to purchase and commit to a lot of things anymore. Aside from houses and cars, however, you can now also rent furniture. Fernish, a furniture subscription, and rent-to-own service make this possible. And, recently raised $15M from Khosla, Jeff...

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Podcorn Launches a Marketplace for Podcast Sponsorships

Did you know that there are about 800,000 active podcasts around the world right now? In the US alone, there are about 86 million podcast listeners, prompting entertainment experts to believe that podcasts are becoming mainstream. This shouldn’t be too surprising since there are lots of great shows out there and they cater to very specific interests, making them all the more interesting for its audience. With such massive numbers,...

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Enervee Launches a Marketplace to Help Consumers and Businesses Save Energy

Everyone wants to be wise when it comes to buying an electronic appliance for their home. There are quite a few things that need to be considered when making a choice since most of these items cost a pretty penny. Aside from their construction quality and performance, lots of people want to know how energy efficient they can be. With such information, you can determine how much value for the...

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NetworkNext Launches a New Internet to Boost Network Performance for Online Games

Lags, high pings, and bandwidth issues are just some of the most annoying things online gamers have to deal with on the regular. These can easily ruin a game and keep players from enjoying their games to the fullest. But what can they do? Such things are common with the internet. Network Next aims to address this very problem. Described as a marketplace for premium network transit. They provide access...

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Endpoint Launches a Modern Online Transaction for Real Estate Agents and Their Buyers & Sellers

Buying a real estate property is by no means an easy feat. It also doesn’t help that the process leaves so much to be desired. This is particularly true for closings as it is often described by experts as a broken system. Simply put, technology hasn’t really kept up with the needs of the market in this area which is quite surprising as finding a property is now very easy...

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Jinx Launches Premium Online Dog Foods For Modern Pet Parents

Being a good pet parent requires a lot of work. This is particularly true for dog parents as the title comes with a lot of responsibilities and important tasks to ensure their pup’s wellness. Sometimes these tasks can get overwhelming, however, as you might need to wade through hundreds of options just to find the perfect product for your pooch. While the internet has significantly made things simpler for lots...

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Tapcart Launches a SaaS Platform for Turning Shopify Store Into a Mobile App – No Coding Required

Unless you know how to code yourself, getting a mobile app can be a pricey ordeal. Not all growing businesses are willing to shell out that amount of cash for something that can’t promise a significant ROI when their mobile website works well. Even if it can dampen their growth, sometimes, an app usually takes the backseat for many brands. Tapcart hopes to change such behavior by offering their services...

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Thrilling Launches a Marketplace of Curated Vintage And Secondhand Clothing

Thrift shopping has always been a great way to score new pieces of clothing, especially for those who are looking for unique options. Nowadays, it’s also about sustainability and minimizing waste. What it will never cease to be, however, is an exciting activity, as you’ll always get surprised by your finds. Unfortunately, scouring vintage stores and secondhand clothing shops is very time-consuming. It doesn’t matter if you’re having a blast,...

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Vana Launches a Marketplace for Consumers to Explore and Shop Hemp CBD Products Online

There’s without a doubt that the legal cannabis industry is one of the fastest-growing ones there is today. It was valued at $10.3 billion in 2018 and is expected to reach $30 billion by 2025. That’s about $17.5 billion in tax revenue by 2030, making it a very promising trade. However, despite its growth, marketing for cannabis businesses still prove to be very tricky. Brands are having difficulties in promoting...

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GreatBuildz Launches a Marketplace to Connects Homeowners With Reliable General Contractors

It used to be one of the most time-consuming tasks before finding the right contractor to remodel a house. You've got to rely either on just word of mouth or to a directory that takes hours to verify and months to gain their trust. But not anymore. With the simplified, intuitive, and remarkably easy and free-to-use GreatBuildz, finding the renovation contractor that can best deliver the quality you need will...

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WAYV Launches an Automated, E-Commerce Platform Serving California’s Cannabis Industry

Being an early player in the booming cannabis industry is both a promising and challenging undertaking. It’s great because there are tons of opportunities that you get first dibs on but because there re no infrastructures built yet, you might need to take the long road in certain areas. Fortunately, Wayv instantly saw the need to create a marketplace for growers, brands, distributors, and retailers so they can more easily...

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Happy Returns Makes Returns Faster, Simpler, and Eco-Friendlier

Online shopping might just be the most convenient way to shop nowadays but it’s not foolproof. There are occasions that your purchase didn’t work out, one way or another, or the product sent to you was wrong. Buyers can also change their minds. No matter what it is, the hassle of handling returns proves to be the biggest drawback of buying stuff online. Many businesses have already tried addressing the...

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For Days Launches Stylish Zero Waste, Closed-Loop Clothing in LA

With the massive amount of waste they make on a daily basis, it’s no secret that businesses should be the first ones to embrace sustainability in order for all of us to see some significant change. One factory will make a bigger impact than a singular household, so if we’re after immediate results, corporations should be pushed to do their part. The good thing is, aside from existing companies tweaking...

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RepairSmith Launches Convenient Car Repair Service – Delivered to Your Driveway

Maintenance is possibly one of the biggest hassles that come with car ownership. Finding a mechanic can be a hassle and the services can get costly. Then there’s also the scheduling that comes with having to take your car to a shop and the inconvenience of having the vehicle out of commission. RepairSmith aims to deal with all of these by providing some of the most convenient services ever known...

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AlgoPay Launches Borderless Payment Solution for Businesses in The Middle East

Banks are great because they keep safe your money for you. However, they’re not always accessible. Doing bank transactions can be a pain as they’re time-consuming and can even be very frustrating. And if you need to do any transaction abroad, expect to shell out a decent amount. LA-based, e-wallets like AlgoPay offer alternatives to traditional banking. AlgoPay enables the unbanked in the Middle East to safely store their money...

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Finli Launches Payment App for Family-Centric Businesses

One of the most daunting parts of running a family-centric business is the management of administrative tasks involved in the process. Streamlining and organizing everything can be a bit overwhelming to do on one’s own and most of the software available today are quite pricey. So what’s a small business to do? Here’s where Finli will come in handy. Developed by Lori Shao, a mom of 2 and a veteran...

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Mothership Launches Same Day Freight Delivery Service

There’s no secret as to how retail changed drastically over the past decade. Back in the day, we went to stores to get the stuff we need. Today, we only need to tap, press, and click and we can already expect our purchases in a day or two. However, with the stiff competition in e-commerce, consumers are now demanding faster processing and shipping times which is greatly affecting the logistics...

Read more Launches Marketplace for High Quality & Affordable Premium Wine

Founded in 2013, DRINKS operates in the $72B U.S. wine market. The company is focused on increasing disrupting the beverage alcohol market through their DTC brand, Wine Insiders, as well as through their B2B arm, which powers ship-to-home wine programs for national retailers such as Kroger, Thrive Market and Boxed. The U.S. is the largest market for wine globally and e-commerce accounts for less than 1%, leaving a huge untapped...

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