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Elementary Robotics Launches a Platform to Automate Industrial Tasks

Human error is one of the biggest risks in any type of operation. In manufacturing, it can get costly as it will not only affect a company’s finances but can also hurt its reputation and put users’ safety at risk. As a result, more and more businesses are looking for ways to minimize the issue. Automation is one of the best solutions for this issue. Robots are not prone to...

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Medely Launches an On Demand Platform for Healthcare Professionals to Find Healthcare Jobs

People outside the medical field aren’t aware but it’s entirely possible to ‘freelance’ as a medical professional. Most folks may think that nurses, radio techs, and others in the healthcare field need to be hired by a healthcare facility to practice but that’s not the case. Per diem jobs are widely available and they allow a lot of flexibility to many healthcare workers. Such a set up allows them to...

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Crexi Launches a Commercial Real Estate Marketplace for Lease, Buy, and Sale

In industry, as established as real estate, changes can be a bit hard to come by. Many would like to stick to tradition since they’ve been tried, tested, and trusted. However, in the digital age, they’re not convenient. With every other industry progressing and finding ways to make their transactions efficient and effective, real estate lagging behind simply wouldn’t do. CREXi was created as a response to this pressing issue....

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FIGS Launches a Functional and Fashionable Scrubs Wear for Modern Healthcare Workers

Those who work in uniform barely ever have uniforms that work for them. This is particularly true for those in the medical field as scrubs can be so boxy, scratchy, and overall uncomfortable. It’s such a shame because our comfort can always help us perform better. Figs Clothing saw the dire need to improve the situation so they set out to create the most comfortable and functional medical apparel. It...

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Atticus Launches Lawyer Marketplace to Help Ordinary People Find Legal Services

The fact that you need a lawyer is already stressful enough as it means that you’re in a kind of bind that can only be solved through the justice system. The additional hassle of finding a lawyer makes the whole thing a lot more dreadful as shopping for a lawyer is not easy. Atticus aims to make the process simpler and less distressing with the help of technology. Through their...

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WaveXR Launches Multi-Channel Virtual Entertainment Platform for Live Concerts

With live music events being put on hold for the moment, digital concerts are taking center stage nowadays. They may not offer the same exact experience as seeing your favorite musicians and performers live but they’re the safest options we now have, so they will make do. With a high-quality sound system, you can still be sure to have a great time. However, with modern technology advancing by the day,...

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Scalefast Launches a Full-Featured eCommerce Platform to Serve High-Volume Stores

With the ever-changing and developing trends in e-commerce as of late, it would be wise for businesses to make sure that they can keep up at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, not all developers can instantaneously respond to new requests and changes on a website. This can slow your campaigns down and hamper your business’ growth. Scalefast aims to answer such issues with great efficiency. So by making the...

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Frame Launches Mental Health Marketplace to Connect You to The Perfect Therapist

Finding the right therapist is a very tricky task that can be a huge hurdle for those who are already struggling. Frame Therapy aims to get you through that phase without a hitch. Many people fail to get what they need from therapy sessions because the professional they turned to is not the right fit for them. When the connection and trust are just not there, progress can be hard...

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Open Raven Launches a Modern Security Platform to Secure Organization’s Data on the Cloud

Data privacy is a serious issue nowadays that can be quite polarizing. While entities online always promise their users to enforce strict measures for protection, they still turn out to have significant vulnerabilities. So as we store more sensitive data online, it’s crucial that we take extra steps to be safe. This is where Open Raven comes in. It’s described as a modern data security platform that is designed to...

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Droplabs Launches Bluetooth-Enabled Shoes

There’s no denying that modern entertainment is at a different level now. Virtual and augmented realities where visual media is experienced not just through your sense of sight and hearing but also through feel and sometimes even through scent and taste took things up a notch and allowed people to fully immerse into the content. With these, people are not just watching anymore but are already experiencing the story. Given...

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Bespoke Financial Launches Licensed Lender Platform Supporting Cannabis Companies

With medical marijuana now legal in nearly all states, it’s not surprising that the cannabis trade has significantly boomed in recent years. It’s estimated to become worth $66.3 billion by 2025 and is seen to generate about $17.5 billion in tax revenues by 2030. With how big it is about to become, it’s not surprising that more and more folks want to become a part of it. The market is...

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Carity Launches a Mental Health Platform for the Modern Day User

A new mental health app is now available just as the country struggles with a myriad of mental health issues while in quarantine. Founders Drew Katnik and Ray Truong are launching Carity, an app for people living with the challenges of mental health issues. Features include groups and resources organized by specific issues, realtime connection with other users, and access to licensed therapists. Carity is coming at a time when...

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Lingoly Launches Language Translation Marketplace for Translators

With today’s technology, it’s not that hard for businesses to go global. With the help of the internet, you can already offer your products and services to various parts of the world with ease. All you’ll need is to appeal to the foreign markets you’re trying to tap and the rest should be easy peasy. The first step to do just that is by speaking in the local tongue. Sure,...

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Whistle Launches an All-In-One Customer Service and Communication Platform for Hotels

There are lots of processes involved in a hotel operation and streamlining everything can be a challenge. The communication part alone is a feat as there are so many ends to connect to. And all of these come with the need for efficiency and low-keyness, adding another stumbling block in the way. But with the hotel industry being in existence for centuries already, it’s proven that caring for one’s guests...

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Pod Launches Location-Based Social Networking Platform to Connect People Based on Interests and Location

Do we really need another social networking site? With everything sketchy that’s happening in all of the other major websites, many would say yes. Besides, there are many limitations to what the most popular ones can do. Pod offers a different dimension to online social networking so it can be a solid alternative to what most of us use nowadays. Instead of just letting you meet people online, Pod is...

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PocketList Launches Rental Platform to Connects Landlords to Renters

A bag of mixed emotions always comes with the task of scouting for a new apartment. It’s exciting because it means a new start and a new place to explore but it’s also tiring and frustrating. So much so that some folks dread moving. If only there’s something like a review app for apartments for rent, right? Well, if you live in LA, then PocketList might make the search easier...

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ringDNA’s AI Sales Engagement Platform to Help Businesses Scale Revenue Growth

Despite the many advances in technology today that allow brands to do business on various platforms, phone services will always be an essential component of many operations. This kind of connection just hits differently compared to other methods of reaching out to potential customers. However, not all sales engagement products are worth your while. Some will always perform better than the others, especially in terms of features and value. If...

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FlipFit Launches a Social Shopping App That Allows Shoppers to Try on Clothes at Home

For most of us, shopping for clothes is a social activity. We drag a friend, family member, or special someone along while we look for nice items to expand our wardrobes. Others’ honest opinions on whether something looks nice or not can really play a huge impact on most folks’ decision-making processes. However, with the rise of e-commerce, shopping for clothes has become isolated. Sure, you can still share the...

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FanDragon Launches a Secure Ticket Delivery Solutions for Venues, Promoters, and Fans

It’s not an exaggeration when someone says that scalpers and bots rob real fans of the chance to enjoy an event to its full extent. They make ticketing extremely distressing as not only do they take away the chance for real people who are looking forward to the event to get their desired tickets easily but they are now also making the ticketing process a lot fussier. Fans do not...

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