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Startup Spotlight profiles emerging tech and non-tech companies in Los Angeles — giving startups a chance to tell their stories, and giving readers insights into some of the region’s most promising startups. Working on a cool new startup in LA? Let us know. If we find it compelling and honest, we'll write about it. Email us at [email protected]

Vertebrae Launches 3D & Augmented Reality (AR) Commerce Solutions for Enterprise Retailers

Sizing and fitting are possibly the biggest hurdles in E-Commerce. While online shopping provides consumers a very convenient way to get the stuff they want and need, it still lacks the ability to let you see just how an item will look on you or your space. Some folks are just not willing to take such a huge risk so they still choose to head to the stores instead. An...

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PlayVS Aims to Make Esports a Part of Athletics Programs in Schools

Hailed as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for the Gaming sector in 2019, there’s a lot to look forward to in PlayVS. It holds great promise as it pushes for recognition of esports as an athletic school program. Despite being a popular activity among young people, gaming is not yet incorporated into the extracurricular framework. With gaming often not taken seriously by the academe, this isn’t too surprising....

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WELL Launches a Unified Patient Communication Hub Built for Enterprise Healthcare

On paper, running a medical clinic can seem simple. You just need to work with a schedule and be in contact with your patients and that’s it. In practice, however, it’s not that straightforward. The scheduling is just one part of the process as communication can prove to require a lot of work. Fortunately, technology can easily solve such a problem. With a powerful program that can handle communication seamlessly,...

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Saucey is Alcohol Delivery at The Push of a Button. No Delivery Fees. No Order Minimums.

With our mobility seriously limited during these times, almost every purchase requires some thought. Something as simple as running to the store has its risks, so you really have to make wise decisions. Luckily, if you’re not sure something is worth venturing outside for, you can now easily turn to delivery services to do the small errand for you. Almost every item has a specialized delivery app nowadays. Saucey is...

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Hart Launches a Real Time Healthcare Data Platform as a Service

As most industries start to migrate their IT infrastructure to cloud systems for interoperability and accessibility, it can be expected that healthcare facilities and organizations will do the same as well. It’s just that they have more nuanced requirements for the technology they need as there are many delicate areas that their work will touch on. Specialized services like what offers a way for healthcare providers to take advantage...

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NEXT Trucking Launches Freight Platform to Connect Shippers and Carriers

Logistics plays a huge part in the operations of many businesses but in terms of the industry is still greatly lacking in streamlining. For the most part, the participants in the processes involved in logistics still rely heavily on a person to person communication, drawing out what could be a very simple transaction. Luckily, more and more tech startups are now working on improving the situation. Next Trucking is one...

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Altruist Launches a Commission-Free Investment Platform to Help Independent Financial Advisors Grow Faster

Among the top advantages of having money is that with the right techniques, you can also use it to earn more. And if you don’t know where to start, you can always turn to financial advisors and experts for help. With their knowledge and training, you’re sure to get the help you need to grow your money. However, not all financial advisors are made equal. Some might not even be...

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Shippabo Launches Freight Platform to Simplify & Improve Supply Chain for Shippers

There’s no denying that one of the bloodiest parts of a business always lies in logistics. Sending products from one part of the world to another has always been a tedious task, especially if you want to do it at the best prices. It takes a lot of work to shop for rates and the best services. But things are now changing, especially since fresh blood has seen the need...

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Outer Launches Luxurious Outdoor Furniture for Your Backyard

Despite being coveted, outdoor spaces also pose challenges for homeowners and apartment dwellers as furnishing such spaces can be a challenge. While there are tons of great pieces of outdoor furniture, the maintenance can be quite a drag that some folks opt to skip them entirely. Doing so prevents you from making the most of your home, though, so it should be addressed accordingly. Outer is one of the brands...

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Elementary Robotics Launches a Platform to Automate Industrial Tasks

Human error is one of the biggest risks in any type of operation. In manufacturing, it can get costly as it will not only affect a company’s finances but can also hurt its reputation and put users’ safety at risk. As a result, more and more businesses are looking for ways to minimize the issue. Automation is one of the best solutions for this issue. Robots are not prone to...

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Medely Launches an On Demand Platform for Healthcare Professionals to Find Healthcare Jobs

People outside the medical field aren’t aware but it’s entirely possible to ‘freelance’ as a medical professional. Most folks may think that nurses, radio techs, and others in the healthcare field need to be hired by a healthcare facility to practice but that’s not the case. Per diem jobs are widely available and they allow a lot of flexibility to many healthcare workers. Such a set up allows them to...

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Crexi Launches a Commercial Real Estate Marketplace for Lease, Buy, and Sale

In industry, as established as real estate, changes can be a bit hard to come by. Many would like to stick to tradition since they’ve been tried, tested, and trusted. However, in the digital age, they’re not convenient. With every other industry progressing and finding ways to make their transactions efficient and effective, real estate lagging behind simply wouldn’t do. CREXi was created as a response to this pressing issue....

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FIGS Launches a Functional and Fashionable Scrubs Wear for Modern Healthcare Workers

Those who work in uniform barely ever have uniforms that work for them. This is particularly true for those in the medical field as scrubs can be so boxy, scratchy, and overall uncomfortable. It’s such a shame because our comfort can always help us perform better. Figs Clothing saw the dire need to improve the situation so they set out to create the most comfortable and functional medical apparel. It...

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Atticus Launches Lawyer Marketplace to Help Ordinary People Find Legal Services

The fact that you need a lawyer is already stressful enough as it means that you’re in a kind of bind that can only be solved through the justice system. The additional hassle of finding a lawyer makes the whole thing a lot more dreadful as shopping for a lawyer is not easy. Atticus aims to make the process simpler and less distressing with the help of technology. Through their...

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WaveXR Launches Multi-Channel Virtual Entertainment Platform for Live Concerts

With live music events being put on hold for the moment, digital concerts are taking center stage nowadays. They may not offer the same exact experience as seeing your favorite musicians and performers live but they’re the safest options we now have, so they will make do. With a high-quality sound system, you can still be sure to have a great time. However, with modern technology advancing by the day,...

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Scalefast Launches a Full-Featured eCommerce Platform to Serve High-Volume Stores

With the ever-changing and developing trends in e-commerce as of late, it would be wise for businesses to make sure that they can keep up at the drop of a hat. Unfortunately, not all developers can instantaneously respond to new requests and changes on a website. This can slow your campaigns down and hamper your business’ growth. Scalefast aims to answer such issues with great efficiency. So by making the...

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Frame Launches Mental Health Marketplace to Connect You to The Perfect Therapist

Finding the right therapist is a very tricky task that can be a huge hurdle for those who are already struggling. Frame Therapy aims to get you through that phase without a hitch. Many people fail to get what they need from therapy sessions because the professional they turned to is not the right fit for them. When the connection and trust are just not there, progress can be hard...

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Open Raven Launches a Modern Security Platform to Secure Organization’s Data on the Cloud

Data privacy is a serious issue nowadays that can be quite polarizing. While entities online always promise their users to enforce strict measures for protection, they still turn out to have significant vulnerabilities. So as we store more sensitive data online, it’s crucial that we take extra steps to be safe. This is where Open Raven comes in. It’s described as a modern data security platform that is designed to...

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Droplabs Launches Bluetooth-Enabled Shoes

There’s no denying that modern entertainment is at a different level now. Virtual and augmented realities where visual media is experienced not just through your sense of sight and hearing but also through feel and sometimes even through scent and taste took things up a notch and allowed people to fully immerse into the content. With these, people are not just watching anymore but are already experiencing the story. Given...

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Bespoke Financial Launches Licensed Lender Platform Supporting Cannabis Companies

With medical marijuana now legal in nearly all states, it’s not surprising that the cannabis trade has significantly boomed in recent years. It’s estimated to become worth $66.3 billion by 2025 and is seen to generate about $17.5 billion in tax revenues by 2030. With how big it is about to become, it’s not surprising that more and more folks want to become a part of it. The market is...

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