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Startup Spotlight profiles emerging tech and non-tech companies in Los Angeles — giving startups a chance to tell their stories, and giving readers insights into some of the region’s most promising startups. Working on a cool new startup in LA? Let us know. If we find it compelling and honest, we'll write about it. Email us at Launches an All-In-One Mobile Banking, Savings, and Investing Platform

The smartphone software market is saturated with a ton of apps. Apps are the equivalent of books nowadays, and getting the right one will help you a lot. Albert is one of these apps. It’s a productivity app for your finances. The trend for financial managing apps isn’t new. Mobile Banking, Savings, and Investing - On One App Albert is an app developed by Albert Investments, LLC. Their mission was...

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Anthea Cards Launches Elegant Hand-Assembled Pop-Up Greeting Cards

Anthea offers exquisite, hand-assembled, and elegant pop-up greeting cards for all occasions. Anthea blends craftsmanship with cutting-edge printing and 3-D modeling software in order to offer the world creative, exciting, and unique ways to express themselves. Anthea Cards, an innovative pop-up greeting card company, has signed an agreement with Mr. Checkout Distributors that will bring its handmade pop-up cards to gift stores across the country. Each Anthea pop up card...

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DailiesPods Launches Affordable Learning Platform to Promote Equitable Education

More than six months after the COVID-19 pandemic hit the US, there’s still no clear way for parents to support their children’s education. Faced with these new educational challenges, parents are working to ensure that their children are both safe and advancing academically. At the same time, online schooling is making students feel lonely and disengaged. Left with few other options, parents are making “educational pods” that allow them to...

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Acre Launches a Marketplace for Gold

It would be hard to argue against the reliability of gold as a form of investment. The qualities of this precious metal make it one of the most coveted in the world which also helps it maintain its value. As a result, it continues to make sense in investing in it as a way of saving and growing one’s wealth. Unfortunately, traditionally, you need a significant amount of money to...

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DrinkLyte Launches a New Functional Beverage to Rehydrate You After Drinking Alcohol

DrinkLyte has come up with the perfect one-two punch for those of you that have had a little too much booze.  This one-two punch is two functional beverages aimed at helping consumers rehydrate after alcohol consumption.  They've recently launched their "Party-at-Home" subscription so that you can always have their drinks on hand whenever you need it. The Party-at-Home pack comes with two MoonLyte drink mixes and two SunLyte drink mixes; customers can...

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Unlocked, Launches Anime & Pop Culture Streaming Network

Back in the day, you either meet your favorite celebrities on accident if you’re lucky and through meet and greets, again if you’re lucky. If they do conventions and panel talks, you can also get to know them through such events but that’s still different than actually meeting them face to face. Nowadays, thanks to technology, meeting, and getting to know your favorite celebs are way easier to do. You...

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Lambs Launches Radiation-Proof Underwear for Your Goods

Advanced tech in clothing is not a novel concept nowadays. From spacesuits to day to day workwear, a lot of garments are already specialized to address various needs and requirements of different wearers. Most of them are designed to provide protection against harmful elements or to survive harsh working environments while people go about their daily tasks. However, there are still a few more areas where we might need protection...

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TokenBot Launches a Secure and Trusted Chat Bots for The Cryptocurrency Industry

The cryptocurrency boom has created a lot of opportunities for success and profit and a lot of people are now looking into entering this new market. Newcomers looking to break into the market are often surprised to find modern trading options that include non-traditional trading spaces that make use of popular online messaging apps like Telegram and Discord. While most people use services like Discord and Telegram to communicate in...

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Arrive Outdoors, Launches Gear Rental Platform for Outdoor Adventures

Thinking of exploring the great outdoors but worried about the amount of gear you need? There’s a long list of items you need to add to your equipment that they can get quite costly and will require a bit of storage space in your home. Can’t spring for both? Fret not because Arrive Outdoors got you covered. Arrive Outdoors is a modern outdoor equipment rental company that offers ease and...

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Vertebrae Launches 3D & Augmented Reality (AR) Commerce Solutions for Enterprise Retailers

Sizing and fitting are possibly the biggest hurdles in E-Commerce. While online shopping provides consumers a very convenient way to get the stuff they want and need, it still lacks the ability to let you see just how an item will look on you or your space. Some folks are just not willing to take such a huge risk so they still choose to head to the stores instead. An...

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PlayVS Aims to Make Esports a Part of Athletics Programs in Schools

Hailed as one of Fast Company’s Most Innovative Companies for the Gaming sector in 2019, there’s a lot to look forward to in PlayVS. It holds great promise as it pushes for recognition of esports as an athletic school program. Despite being a popular activity among young people, gaming is not yet incorporated into the extracurricular framework. With gaming often not taken seriously by the academe, this isn’t too surprising....

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WELL Launches a Unified Patient Communication Hub Built for Enterprise Healthcare

On paper, running a medical clinic can seem simple. You just need to work with a schedule and be in contact with your patients and that’s it. In practice, however, it’s not that straightforward. The scheduling is just one part of the process as communication can prove to require a lot of work. Fortunately, technology can easily solve such a problem. With a powerful program that can handle communication seamlessly,...

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Saucey is Alcohol Delivery at The Push of a Button. No Delivery Fees. No Order Minimums.

With our mobility seriously limited during these times, almost every purchase requires some thought. Something as simple as running to the store has its risks, so you really have to make wise decisions. Luckily, if you’re not sure something is worth venturing outside for, you can now easily turn to delivery services to do the small errand for you. Almost every item has a specialized delivery app nowadays. Saucey is...

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Hart Launches a Real Time Healthcare Data Platform as a Service

As most industries start to migrate their IT infrastructure to cloud systems for interoperability and accessibility, it can be expected that healthcare facilities and organizations will do the same as well. It’s just that they have more nuanced requirements for the technology they need as there are many delicate areas that their work will touch on. Specialized services like what offers a way for healthcare providers to take advantage...

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NEXT Trucking Launches Freight Platform to Connect Shippers and Carriers

Logistics plays a huge part in the operations of many businesses but in terms of the industry is still greatly lacking in streamlining. For the most part, the participants in the processes involved in logistics still rely heavily on a person to person communication, drawing out what could be a very simple transaction. Luckily, more and more tech startups are now working on improving the situation. Next Trucking is one...

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Altruist Launches a Commission-Free Investment Platform to Help Independent Financial Advisors Grow Faster

Among the top advantages of having money is that with the right techniques, you can also use it to earn more. And if you don’t know where to start, you can always turn to financial advisors and experts for help. With their knowledge and training, you’re sure to get the help you need to grow your money. However, not all financial advisors are made equal. Some might not even be...

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Shippabo Launches Freight Platform to Simplify & Improve Supply Chain for Shippers

There’s no denying that one of the bloodiest parts of a business always lies in logistics. Sending products from one part of the world to another has always been a tedious task, especially if you want to do it at the best prices. It takes a lot of work to shop for rates and the best services. But things are now changing, especially since fresh blood has seen the need...

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Outer Launches Luxurious Outdoor Furniture for Your Backyard

Despite being coveted, outdoor spaces also pose challenges for homeowners and apartment dwellers as furnishing such spaces can be a challenge. While there are tons of great pieces of outdoor furniture, the maintenance can be quite a drag that some folks opt to skip them entirely. Doing so prevents you from making the most of your home, though, so it should be addressed accordingly. Outer is one of the brands...

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