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At, we love food. All kinds of food. Yes, we are a bunch of nomadic foodies in LA; always hunting down for what's good to eat, every day. And, we want to share them with you here. We curate and create content around food and drinks from different points of view. They include lists of foods, beverages, food preparation tools and equipment, food preparation techniques, cuisines, and industrial food preparation and distribution operations including breweries. Got a tip on a great spot for ribs, pizza, tacos, or BBQ? Share them with us at

Frozen Fruit Co, Remains One of our Favorite Vegan Dessert Spots in LA

Ice cream is on nearly everyone’s list of favorite desserts, but the question has always been, is it good for you? Husband-and-wife team Michael and Victoria Philippou decided to take a different and healthier approach to make and eating ice cream, and the result is this healthy, delicious alternative plant-based treat. Their frozen fruit treats are also vegan-gluten-free, have no preservatives or additives, and free from artificial flavors. Frozen Fruit...

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EveryTable, Great Spot for Quick Healthy and Affordable Takeout Meals in LA

Nutritious food can be affordable and easily accessible. This is what EveryTable wants the people in Los Angeles to know. Founded by business partners Sam Polk, who is a former Wall Street hedge funder trader and a former, and David Foster, who is a former private equity executive, this restaurant offers food with pricing based on the location. The owners believe in their own variable pricing model, which aims to...

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HolyCow, Delicious Texas-Style BBQ Joint in LA

Whether it’s because you’ve actually from Texas or you were just lucky enough to sample authentic Texas-style BBQ at some point, there are lots of reasons to love these charred meats. Their smokey, rich flavor, combined with a juicy, tender meat, can really make a lot of people’s mouths water and it’s exactly what Holy Cow is about. After winning the Santa Monica Best BBQ award in its first location,...

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Little Sister, a Funky Vietnamese Bistro, Serving Euro-Accented Asian Eats And Craft Beers

Manhattan Beach’s Little Sister location has been quite a hit that when it was announced to open in Downtown LA, fans rejoiced. When it actually opened and served breakfast, it gained even more popularity. As it primarily offers comfort food, it really makes a case for starting your day with comforting dishes that will set your day back on track if it didn’t get off on the right foot. Fans...

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Top 6 Best Quiet Coffee Shops For Work And Meeting in Los Angeles

These days, business men and women are utilizing coffee shops for work more and more. Whether you're working remotely or looking for a fresh place to meet a client, here are 6 coffee shops for work and meetings if you're working in the LA area. Verve Coffee Roasters - West Hollywood “Verve: the spirit and enthusiasm surrounding the creation of art,” goes to show their mission of not only...

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FatDragon Breathes New Life into Old Classics Chinese Dishes

With Chinese restaurants available just about everywhere in LA, a new place needs something unique to stand out. Sure, lots of people love Chinese food, but most of them already have a favorite takeout place near their place, so you really need to be different to compete. And different is actually what Fat Dragon is. Aside from its fast-casual setup, it’s also more than just a Chinese eatery as it’s...

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Fritzi Coop, Fried Chicken Sandwich Done Right

If you're heading to the Original Farmers Market this weekend, stop by Fritzi Coop for a bite.  As the name suggests, Fritzi Coop is a chicken-centric diner. It has a sit-down eatery in Downtown LA, but the Original Farmers Market location is only a stall so you’d need to find nearby tables to chow down on some of what a lot of experts say is surprisingly good chicken. Despite its small operation in this...

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Guisados, Home of The Braised Beef Tacos

There may be tons of taquerias in LA, but if there is one place that you shouldn’t miss, it has to be Guisados. This family-run joint is basically a neighborhood staple in Boyle Heights. The family who runs the place also owns the building and the tortilleria next door is owned by a family member. This is why it shouldn’t be surprising that the diner’s vision is to offer the...

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Juicy And Flavorful Grilled Burgers at LA’s Eureka! Restaurant

The phrase “hamburger joint” may not exactly get a foodie in a frenzy, but don’t knock Eureka! until you’ve tried it. This family-run restaurant may have already expanded to nine locations in less than a decade from when its first diner opened, but it has so much promise that it’s totally worth a shot. If you’re a big fan of handmade burgers, you should definitely not miss this place as...

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Happiness in a Rice Bowl at Chego

If you’ve been paying close attention to restaurateurs and innovators in the restaurant industry of LA, you’ll recognize the name Roy Choi. Hailed as a genius by lots of foodies, he has quite a few amazing restaurants in his helm. Chego is a great manifestation of Choi’s passions and capacity as a cook and talent. Being an Asian fusion rice bowl eatery, it offers a plethora of flavors in each...

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Epic Spreads: A Startup with a New Take on Healthy Nut Butters

Whether you need an energy-packed pre-workout snack, a little something to get you going after pilates, or just something fun to spice up your regular diet – Epic Spreads has revolutionized healthy nut butters for you! The company was founded by Patrick Williams, an athlete who could not find a healthy snack spread and was tired of his daily peanut butter diet.  He decided to combine his passion for fitness...

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Texas Style BBQ Joint Serving Up Tasty Classic Brisket And Ribs in LA

Texas barbeque is deemed by many as a cuisine of its own being so unique and distinctive to the state. Many like it authentic, so Texas-style barbeque restaurants may have been seeing some resistance in certain locales. But for Bludso’s, things are entirely different. This well-loved joint is considered as one of the few places to serve legitimate Texas barbeque outside the Lone Star state and it gets still get...

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Mouth-watering Artisanal Donuts at Birdies LA

A lot of trendy restaurants have tried their hand at making diners become hip and chic enough for foodies to flock to, but not many succeed in their endeavor. However, Downtown LA’s Birdies isn’t one of them, though. With its winning combination of donuts, coffee, and fried chicken available 24 hours a day on the weekends, it has definitely been redefining the diner format for many Los Angelenos. The...

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Delicious Duck-Fat Fries + Bacon Grilled Cheese at BeerBelly in LA’s Korea Town

Beer Belly may just be what you can consider as the owners Jimmy and Yume Han’s first child as it is what they worked on together as newlyweds in 2011. Instead of battling it out raising an offspring, they made a gamble and opened the first craft beer bars in Koreatown, effectively establishing its role in the rise of craft beer in the area. Today, it’s still one of the...

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SnackNation Delivers Healthy Snacks to Your Office or Home

If you’re running a small business or even your own department within a company, it’s natural that you want your staff to work as best they can. But often they can’t work productively on an empty stomach. It’s obviously expensive to build a cafeteria for your small business, so often your workers may either have to go out to get some snacks or they have to go hungry. Vending machines...

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Tasty Frozen Dessert Pies from JC

“JC” is the universal nickname of Jennifer Constantine, and she has quickly carved a great reputation as an entertaining home chef. Her range of offered snacks and desserts include the Nudies and the Scoops, but JC’s Pie Pops are truly outstanding. The strange thing about the Pie Pops is that their existence was due to a fortunate accident. JC’s refrigerator went bonkers for some reason, and a batch of here...

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Delicious Ice Cream For Just 280-360 Calories From Halo Top Creamery

It’s hard to keep your weight these days, and often you’re asked to sacrifice too much. How can you lose the extra pounds when you find it almost impossible to lay off the scrumptious ice cream that’s waiting for you in the freezer? But now there’s Halo Top Creamery, and you can finally enjoy healthy ice cream. This isn’t the first healthy ice cream that’s made similar claims. However, these...

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ChowNow Launches a Simple Food Ordering & Marketing System for Restaurant

Having a brick and mortar restaurant doesn’t excuse you from the necessity of engaging customers through the Internet. That means you need your own website, plus your own Facebook page. You may have listed your restaurant and your site at some 3rd party online platform. But all your other competitors have the same things. To have an edge, you can partner up with ChowNow instead. ChowNow streamlines how your customers...

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BCN: A Stylish-Yet-Casual Spot for Spanish Street Food in The Heart of West Hollywood

Named after the airport code of the city of Barcelona where the street food inspired their offerings, BCN is one of the few sandwich joints in West Hollywood. This fast-casual eatery features Catalan cuisine.  Their menu is mostly comprised of “bikinis” a.k.a. pressed sandwiches, “bocatas” a.k.a. baguette sandwiches, and “coques” or stone-baked flatbreads. The fillings make the difference as they’re mixing Spanish and Californian ingredients to create a truly unique...

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Indian gastropub Badmaash Serves Up Amazing Street Eats, Burgers & Beers in DTLA

With flavors so striking and rich, restaurants featuring Indian cuisine hardly ever need any gimmicks to stand out and attract diners. However, there’s also a significant lack of young and hip Indian restaurants in LA that when Badmaash opened in 2013, they became an excellent alternative to buffets and traditional eateries in the city. Right from the moment you step inside, its industrial theme peppered with Bollywood movie posters while...

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