13 Best Restaurants To Eat On a Startup Budget in LA

With all the Hollywood glamor in LA, it’s not surprising that there are plenty of great restaurants in the city for the movers and shakers. But what about for the rest of us, who don’t have the millions per episode or movie? Or, the million dollars in funding from a VC? The truth is that LA does have great restaurants who don’t charge outlandish prices. You only need to find...

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Living And Working in El Segundo, California

El Segundo is one of the oldest cities in the Los Angeles area. Conveniently located in Santa Monica Bay, the original settlers of El Segundo were the Tongva and Chumash Native American tribes. Today, El Segundo’s coastal location has made it the ideal home of 16,000 people and several Fortune 500 corporate companies. Its population statistics reveal that El Segundo residents are 66% Caucasian but there’s also quite a number...

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11 Best Restaurants in West Hollywood for Lunch

Where should you eat for lunch in West Hollywood? Here’s a list of the top places everyone is raving about. West Hollywood might only measure 2 square miles big but it doesn’t mean that you’ll be stuck with just a handful of dining options when you’re in the area. In fact, this neighborhood is actually teeming with amazing restaurants. You can take a pick from long-running establishments to the hippest...

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13 Best Restaurants in Manhattan Beach For Lunch

Meta description: Here are a few great restaurants that will convince you to drive out more often to Manhattan Beach. Want to fill your tummy with some great food while getting some vitamin sea? Manhattan Beach would be an excellent destination for you, then. Not only is this L.A. destination a great spot to take a dip in the water but it’s also a foodie magnet. Home to some of...

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9 Best Restaurants To Eat in Marina Del Rey for Lunch

Despite this neighborhood’s really small size, there are still tons of great food options around. Discover some of our top picks here. For some people, Marina del Rey is a magnificent food destination. With the enclave sitting by the water and the number of restaurants in the area, it can certainly be a good place to hit if you’re after a nice dining experience. Others, however, think that the area...

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100 Best Coworking Spaces in Los Angeles

Coworking spaces these days are all about well-designed, health-conscious zones styled to look more like a members' lounge than a meeting room. It's no wonder freelancers, creatives and startups are turning to coworking spaces as an alternative to the traditional office. The communal environment and the amazing amenities are definite perks, but mainly for the sheer beauty of the spaces themselves. We have compiled a complete list of the best...

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9 Great Places to Visit Near the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX)

You may not know this, but there are actually several excellent places to visit right near LAX. So these may be the places you may want to visit right away when you arrive. Or perhaps, you can visit these locations for one last enjoyable LA adventure before you leave. 1. In-N-Out Burger You’ve probably heard about the legendary In-N-Out Burger and how it’s the best fast-food burger in the world....

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8 Best Places to Visit for LA Vintage Shopping

It’s no secret that you can satisfy your craving for vintage fashion if you’re in LA. But where exactly do you go? While there’s no shortage of shops that offer vintage wares, here are the places you should visit first: 1. Scout If you’ve got the budget for high-end vintage fashion, then Scout has the goods you’re looking for. Scout is the ultimate trendsetter, as its pieces influence the influencers...

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The Best Cheese Shops in Los Angeles

There’s no need to belabor the point about how great cheese is. If you’re reading this, then you already know. What you may not know is which shop to go to if you’re in LA and you’re hankering for top-shelf cheeses. Before we dive into LA's best cheese shops, here are a few things to look for at these specialty food shops: A good cheese shop carries a range of selection...

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15 Best Tech Recruiters in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is the third largest startup hub in the world, behind Silicon Valley and New York. And it’s growing by leaps and bounds. Now home to SnapChat (a.k.a. Snap), Ring, Dollar Shave Club, The Honest Company, ZipRecruiter, GOAT, ServiceTitan, Honey, Bird, and The Boring Company, Los Angeles has become a home to the most exciting companies in the world. All these amazing companies have one thing in common: talent,...

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The LA Guide to the Best Pumpkin Pie

It’s November, so of course, you want some pumpkin pie. There’s nothing like it after a nice turkey dinner, and in fact, you can enjoy this any time of the year. It’s not really a question of whether or not you like pumpkin pie. The question is if you’re looking for the best pumpkin pie in the general LA area, where do you go? Lucky for you, we have the...

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Top 10 Recruiting Firms in Los Angeles

Think about the last time you were looking for a job. It was probably stressful and you spent countless hours scouring through pages and pages for job listings, only to find it either filled or you do not qualify for it. Fortunately, there are ways to make the process smoother: a recruiter! And, the best way to find the right recruiter for your needs is either through referral or networking....

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Top 6 Best Quiet Coffee Shops For Work And Meeting in Los Angeles

These days, business men and women are utilizing coffee shops for work more and more. Whether you're working remotely or looking for a fresh place to meet a client, here are 6 coffee shops for work and meetings if you're working in the LA area. Verve Coffee Roasters - West Hollywood https://www.instagram.com/p/BkkzGAbAsrZ/ “Verve: the spirit and enthusiasm surrounding the creation of art,” goes to show their mission of not only...

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